Picture login/secret word glitch

I’m having trouble enrolling students and, since support has not gotten back to me, I wondered if anyone found a solution to this small glitch I’m having. For picture and secret word logins, it is supposed to bring up either a display name, picture, etc for them to choose from. However, these are not showing up regardless of the browser I use. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a legit bug? I can use Username/password for my program but using the other login options would benefit my younger participants

Hi. I’m including a link to a support article about setting up secret picture or word accounts for younger students. If there are other questions we can answer, just let us know the specific point at which things don’t seem to be working.

I’ve read the documentation. This isn’t exactly what I was asking but if what I’m asking isn’t right then fair enough; what I was looking for is if there was a way for, without me creating the accounts for the students, the students made their own accounts. If need be I can just create them but it’d be efficient for my program if they could do it themselves.

Nevermind I did miss a line. Sorry for the trouble.