Trouble With Student Sign In

I have the students set up with picture login for a class. When my student follows the link to the list of names in the class, she clicks on her name. The problem is that the pictures don’t show up to choose her password, so she can’t sign in. What can I do to fix this? She is on an iPad, and nobody else in the class seems to have this issue.

Hi @andy.koehler,

It is hard to know without seeing her screen. By chance, is she so zoomed in that the pictures are simply cut off? Can the student zoom out and then see the pictures? I’m not sure of any other ideas off the top of my head. You can contact support for further help and see if they can help solve the problem.

That is very understandable. Thank you. So the student can see the names, they click on one of them, and then it should bring up all of the pictures to select from and light up the Submit button to be pressed. Neither of those things happen. I’ll try to grab screenshots if it’s still happening the next time that class is in. I’ll also check the zoom, but I don’t recall anything being a wrong size.