Student Emails, Login Questions and Online Privacy/Safety for under 13yo

I am preparing my first section using studio.code for a group of 4th/5th graders. I chose the platform because I like the idea of the kids being able to see and save their progress.

RE the login type set up by the educator (me) where kids do not have email addresses, is it possible to change the login type at a later time, when the student may get an email address? I’m trying to determine if I want to have them set up their own email addresses as part of our first lesson.

I’m also considering getting them set up on git hub and teaching a bit about online safety so having a email address would be good for all those other things, but most sites require the applicant to be at least 13 years old or with parental consent, so I’m trying to do all my research to get the right agreements with the parents and the students.

I appreciate any feedback, suggestions, etc. re: any of the topics in the subject.



Our teacher dashboard does indeed allow you to change your section’s login type to be email, if your students are later granted their own email addresses. Note that we don’t require real working email addresses when signing up for an account in general. You can read more on this process of adding email addresses to student accounts that are originally word- or picture-based accounts at this page:

Hope this helps!

Thanks @josh.schulte. I appreciate the quick response.