Student screens have teacher options

@gtwrobel A student tried to change his account to a teacher account. It hasn’t been verified by but how do we reverse this? Who do I report this to? He said there was a button that allowed him to change his existing student account under account settings. It doesn’t show tests or sample answers on the lessons but it shows all the lesson plans which have answers and links to the forum. It requires him to go through the dashboard then courses to get to the lessons now too. Thanks

This is quite serious. I will pass this on to the team. Also contact with student details.

@carmichael your student should be able to easily switch their account back to a teacher account from We have tried to be diligent about making sure we don’t place answers inside of the lesson plans which are always publicly accessible documents, not just when users have a teacher account. We also work fairly hard to keep answer keys off of the forum since we always assume there are some student lurkers. In short I think if you have them switch their account back they’ll find it more convenient for themselves and they’ll likely never have had access to restricted materials.

Hope that helps!

Unfortunately, I had students use their school gmail accounts. For some reason, they lose the ability to switch it back - no option. You helpdesk fixed it for us though. I hope no one else decides to poke around. Thank you!

Glad that worked and reporting it means if we see more instances of the issue we can move it up the priority queue. Have a great rest of your week!