23-24 Change to Example Code?

I am helping a new teacher learn how to use CSD (Interactive Animations and Games). When I log into my old classes, I can see the button for the example code for activities but she cannot. Did this feature move somewhere else or is there something she needs to do in order to be able to see this when she is looking at her class?

Does she have a teacher account? If so, can you confirm that both of you are looking at hte same activities in the same version of the course? If so, you may want to reach out to support@code.org and have them look at her account.

The mostly likely answer is that she doesn’t have a teacher account and she will need to be verified as a teacher first.

Here’s the link with more information on that.

Feel free to reach back out if you are certain she has a teacher account and you can give us some specific URLS or activities where you are seeing an exemplar and she isn’t as that would help us to try and figure it all out.



Thanks Mike.

I assumed that since she was able to set up a class that she was a verified teacher. I will share your link with her and have her double check her status. She is a new teacher, and I want to give her all the support I can to be successful and the keys certainly help. I know they helped me a ton when I first started!!

I appreciate your help and will reach out again if she continues to have issues.


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