How to Synchronize Student accounts

Hello everyone. I’m a first year Code teacher for elementary 1-5 grades. I initially built their classes and had them all login with their 6 letter section and had them choose their names and picture password. However, after learning about them being able to use their school’s Google SSO account, I had them use that and then sign up to join a section at the bottom off the dashboard (same 6 letter section code).

Is there a way to synchronize what the students have done with their first part of progression to the second part of progression? Or can I manually mark sections completed? By logging in with the 2 above mentioned methods, It’s created duplicate student names in the class roster, thus showing different progress based on which login method they used.

Maybe I’ve just set the classes up incorrectly.

Thanks in advance.

I use SSO, but I didn’t start with the picture logins. I know with a normal login, students can click on their profile name (top right corner of the screen) and then from their account settings page, they can add the SSO (so they would be keeping the same account but just associating it with their SSO.

Now that you have two accounts already, I may suggest you contact to see if they can combine them for you.


I just reached out to’s Support. Hope to hear an easy fix. Lesson learned. Thanks!