Having Students Login with Google that Already a Have Teacher Created Account?

Our primary technology teachers use code.org. They create classes for their students in 2nd grade and then transfer and sort the students into new classes when the students get to 3rd grade. This happens across 4 buildings. I touch 4th grade and have every student in my building. I have the 4th graders use their school Google accounts to sign into everything that we do. Is there a way to have the students sign in with their Google accounts and continue with where they left off in their course when they were in 3rd grade? In other words, is there a way to have the students mesh/pair a Google sign account with an existing account that was setup by a teacher.

I am having a similar issue: I have a student who has 2 accounts and I was wondering if there is a way to transfer accounts/data/ progress to the other account?

I was wondering if you ever got this resolved or know how to fix???


I have similar issue as well:
I have logged in for my 2 students by their own gmail/outlook account. Then I created my own teacher account
and a class, how can i get my 2 students into my class with their existing accounts and completed courses ?

I’ve reached out to Support for answer to similar question: Students having access to their work in CSD once they loose the school Google account that they use to log in.