Linking google classroom to code

is there a way to link your google classroom to your code classroom?

This feature has just been added. When you go to the screen to add a section, there is an option to link to Google Classroom. I haven’t used it. Please try and let me know how it goes. Here is a screenshot of the New Section screen. The bottom option is to sync to Google classroom.

I am not seeing the Google Classroom as a choice when I set up a section. Is there something I am doing incorrectly?

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Hey @sean.jackson - Can you email with details of what you have tried so we can figure out what might be happening?


@sean.jackson it’s worth noting that in order to get google classroom integration to work, i needed to sign in with google single sign on (shown below):

Yes. I forgot that the G+ SSO was not available when I originally created the account. The google and account email is the same, so it was simple. Thank you and Dani for your help on this.

awesome! so happy you got it working :grinning:

I just switched my account over to use the Google login so that I can sync my Google Classroom students. That part seemed to work fine. However, I no longer see a few items in my Unit 1 lesson list. For example, the pre-course survey is gone and all of the chapter assessments are gone as well. Anyone else seeing this?

@mmiddler is it possible that you created a new account instead? It sounds like your old account was verified and now it no longer is. If you’re seeing old data in your account, e.g. sections you’d previously created, then it’s possible there’s a bug on our end when we create Google accounts. In either case let us know and we’ll look into it. Thanks for writing in and hopefully we’ll get this solved soon.

Also check out this support doc on using Google Classroom with You or others on the site may find additional helpful information in there.


We are two weeks into our school year. I started the year with a Google classroom for my CSP students using their Google for Education school email accounts. In the past, the student email accounts were limited so that the students could only communicate within the school email domain. So when they created their accounts to join my CSP classroom, they used their personal email addresses and created their own usernames which are not identical to their School email user names.

Before I link my classroom to my Google Classroom, will there be an issue with syncing the student’s accounts?
Must they have the username (email address) for both and the Google classroom for the linking to pick them up?
Will they need to change their username to match their Google classroom username before I link the two?

Hey @landerson, I think you should still be able to link the accounts. Check out the steps listed in this support doc but the short version is that if your students change the emails but not their usernames to match their Google accounts we should be able to sync the two.

Have a look and let us know if that helps.


I’ve had some difficulty properly syncing my section to my Google Classroom. I’ve submitted rosters and screen shots to and hope to have a resolution soon. Has anyone else had any issues with the two rosters not fully syncing?

If I read this correctly, first my students need to access their accounts and change the email associated with their account from their personal email to their school email address that is used for my Google Classroom. Will that change the current student data they already entered in the current section?

Also, I have logged into with my school google account but I don’t see a place to sync my existing CSP section to my existing google classroom. Must I create a new CSP section to sync to my existing Google classroom? I am concerned about loosing the data the students have already put in for pre-survey an U1 Lessons 1-6.

See below just under menu bar for your class section. There is a sync button. Look under Progress and Text Responses.

@landerson we’ve updated the support document I linked above to specifically address your question. Check there for more details but the short version is if your students’ change their accounts to have Google email addresses and then you create a new Google Classroom section with them in it, we’ll be able to do the linkage at that point and all their progress should carry over. You can later use the Sync button @randle.moore pointed out if your section on for some reason gets out of sync with Google Classroom.

Hope that helps!

I have my student’s Google Classroom in sync with Is there a way to post files into Google Classroom with the sync or do I have to copy and paste?


If I understand your question, you will still need to create questions or assignments in Google Classroom to take advantage of the scoring and feedback features. Currently, there is no way to sync content or progress. Although that would be a great idea…:sunglasses:

Happy computing,

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I have one student (username Michael) who cannot change his email to his school email because on his settings page it shows 3 asterisks encrypted 3 asterisks next to his email address and does not allow editing. How do we get tech support for this?

Hi @landerson,

Email with the information about the account. They should be able to help you out.



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After syncing google classroom with section, is there a way to list students in alpha order? It seems like they’re now listed in order they joined section. Makes it a lot harder to grade when not in alpha order. Thanks!