Teacher Dashboard


Is there a way to link a students account that already exists to a teacher section? I’m referring to a student who might have set up their account on their own and now we want to let them continue their work but have the ability to see it in my teacher dashboard.


If you have an email-based section (as opposed to a word- or picture-based), your student can join this section by first logging into their email/password-based account as they normally would. Then, have them visit code.org/join to enter the 6-character code for your section. This will join them to your section and preserve their progress, allowing you to see their progress in any course. Hope this helps!


Last year (and before that), I had all of my students create their own individual accounts with emails…This year, I added all of the students into sections by classes. Now, I have TWO accounts for most students. What did I do? When I tried to delete one of the duplicate accounts, all of that student’s work/progress disappeared. Can I merge the accounts or something else? Thanks for any advice! Julia


Hi @jbest,

I’m pretty sure there’s no way to merge accounts. I recommend having the student pick whichever account they prefer to use, then have that account join your section using that section’s enrollment code.

Creating an account and adding the account to a section are two separate things. When you “added all the students into sections by classes”, I’m guessing you had them directly add themselves to a section - when students try to do this without an account, the website will prompt them to create an account (or if they have an existing account, they can just login with that account) then they will be added to the section.

As a teacher managing the sections, you can remove a student’s account from your section, but as far as I know, you’re not deleting their account. They can still use the enrollment code to re-enroll, but I’m not sure what happens to their progress, whether it’s saved or it was permanently deleted when they un-enrolled.

If you are still having difficulty, feel free to follow up here or email support@code.org.