Import course from another teacher

I am inheriting a course from another teacher. Can I import students from the previous teacher into my course so that they can continue with the course material?

@carterm3 It is possible to have the students join your section and continue with the course material. Teacher accounts cannot be linked so you won’t be able to see their progress prior to joining your section.

@carterm3 As long as the student accounts were created with passwords (as opposed to the younger students’ “choose a picture and a word” style logins) then the data is stored on the student’s account. You can create a class from scratch, and they can join it - keeping all their previous work with their account. The only trouble you may run in to is if you want to hide/lock an assignment for your class and the student is enrolled in an old class where that assignment is visible then the visible will override your hidden toggle for that student. This shouldn’t be an issue in any future units - but may look a little funky if you are picking up mid unit from last semester.