Students have access to CSD without being enrolled a class

I have 2 students that I noticed were working ahead of the rest of the class in CSD Unit 2. I had all the lessons after the one we were working on hidden, so I couldn’t understand how they could “see” the lessons and work ahead.
The students created a new account and enrolled in my section when we started CSD. Since Unit 1 was mostly offline, they haven’t logged into in few weeks. I guess they had forgotten that they created an account and joined my section so these two students logged in with their google accounts and were able to find CSD on their own and begin working through the lessons.

This is a little frustrating because I have no control over how far ahead they work and I can’t see their work from my teacher page.

Is there any way to prevent students from having access to CSD unless they join a teacher’s section?


I understand this can be frustrating, but it sounds like they enjoy the course! I would say there are a couple approaches to this.
1.) If your school has a domain which all students have an email address, have them create an account with that and tell them that is the official one which you’ll be taking grades from. If they sign up with a different account and do the work there and not on the school official, they get a zero for not following directions (but should be able to catch up quickly if they are doing and understanding the work).
2.) If the students are enjoying and understanding the course, have them either create additional “helper” webpages that explain information for other students to use or teach them how to create Screencast which they can create for other classmates and you in the future - I have a few advanced students which I’ve pulled aside and they enjoy the work because it is challenging for them to explain it and they fell like they are doing something for the community.

I don’t believe anyone can prevent the students from signing up and moving at their own pace, but English teachers can’t stop students from reading ahead… leverage that to help fellow classmates and encourage the community aspect.

Hope that helps,

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