Two different classes, same student, same teacher

I have a student “A” in my AP CS course that has me as their teacher. I just started to pilot the CS Discoveries in my Intro class and that same student “A” is in this class as well (electives are few at my school). I cannot figure out how a student can have the same teacher for different classes on Can you help please?

I would think they would just register for the 2nd course at the bottom of the home page since they have 2 different course codes???

Joe, the code team is looking into this. Expect an answer soon.

hi, @joe_padon!

sorry for the delay getting back to you. what you’re describing is a known issue, and something that’s on the list of things to fix. in the meantime there are a couple of options:

  1. have your student create a second account that is used for your discoveries class. (i realize this is not ideal)
  2. have your student stay enrolled in your CSP section, but access the discoveries activities directly via url (for example, access unit 1 via this link: you will still be able to see the student’s work on your teacher dashboard, where you will need to navigate to whichever section “student A” is in, then look at progress in the cs discoveries unit of choice. (as shown below)

hope this helps!


Thank you, thank you! This does help.