My students keep accidentally logging into the older version of CS Discoveries

This has happened to many of my students - they log into and end up in the 20-21 version of CS Discoveries, not in my 21-22 course (in which they are enrolled). By the time we figure out what is happening, they have moved ahead a few lessons and have to copy the code into the correct course. This happens randomly.


Sorry that is happening to you … I’m not sure what may be happening. Are they perhaps repeat students who may have another class on their dashboard?

In my district, we use Canvas, so I have direct links to the lesson I want them working on in Canvas each day, however, that can sometimes cause problems if they forget to sign in and do the work without being signed in …

Anyone else have any suggestions?


Hello, @soconnell ! Thanks for posting about this. If you haven’t yet, please email us at with any other further details (if possible), such as examples of affected students this had been occurring for. If you’d like, we can reset the progress within the older course, which will also remove the older version’s course tile from students’ homepage, so they don’t accidentally navigate to it. We appreciate the feedback on this!