Changing an individual student in a class from one course to another

I have a student in one of my CS Discovery classes that is having a very difficult time. She needs to complete the Express course. Is there a way I can assign just her to the express course?

My district uses Clever to link my classes to - I only need her to be on the express course while all her other classmates are continuing with CS Discoveries.
I’m new to this so, I figured I would ask. :slight_smile:
I can be reacher here or at

Thank you so much!

Cindy Crawford

Hi @ccrawford,

Welcome to CS Discoveries! I think the most efficient way to solve this would be to create a section of CS Fundamentals Express in your Teacher Dashboard and just give her the access code. (I’m not sure how this would interact with Clever, though.) Then if any other students need to join in the future, you can give them the code as well.

Hope that helps,
–Michael K.