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One of my students was given a link to my AP CSP course. The student previous had a account which he used for the 20 hour class. However, when he logged on today using the link to the CSP course, it is not showing up on the student main/home screen.

On my end, I can see where he joined the course. Is there something that he or I need to enable so that the can see the course?



Hi Batavia

Usually if you complete one level in the course than it will get added to the tiles you see on . In addition if a student is enrolled in your section on Code Studio whatever course you assign that section should also show up for them in their tiles. Let me know if this is still not working.




Hello Dani,

I had this occur to me again yesterday. My students had accounts already because they had to complete the 20 hour accelerated course over the summer. Yesterday in class, I gave them the code to join a new class section. The tile or option for that course never came up although I can see on my end that they joined the class. Last night I had the students check again to see if it was enabled but they still didn’t see it. As of this morning, the Unit 1 course is not there. Is there something that I am doing wrong again? Should they be searching for the course somewhere so that the can start on the Unit 1 lesson 1?

Thank you again.



Hi @batavia_yost,

What course do you have picked when you set up your class in the Teacher Dashboard? That will determine what course the students see. (See the 4th box below from my teacher dashboard -

If that doesn’t work you can always have students navigate directly to the unit using the URL.

Unit 1 -
Unit 2 -
and so on

Hope that helps!



It doesn’t seem that an answer was ever posted for this problem and now I am experiencing it, too. I just started semester 2 and made 2 sections for CSP. Some students created new accounts, joined the section and see the CSP Unit 1 tile. Others used their old Hour of Code account and although they show up in my teacher dashboard, they are not seeing the tile. Any idea what is happening? They see tiles from other activities they had done in the past (like Advanced Course or Hour of Code).

Thank you,



I want to refer you to Dani’s answer above your post. I had my students navigate directly to the unit using the following URLs:
Unit 1 -
Unit 2 -
and so on

Once they go there have them complete a bubble and the tile will show up on their accounts. This worked for my students.
Hope this helps