Setting up your CSP section in Code Studio


Check out this video for more information on how to set up a section for CSP unit 1!

Topics covered:

  • 50 second: setting up a section
  • 3:05: adding students to a section
  • 5:05: changing a student’s section
  • 7:25: viewing student work


How can we set up an account like you did with ourselves acting as a student so that we can see what the students see?


This video is restricted at my school. Can you host it somewhere yourself?


Hi Mr. Anh

Here is a link to the video saved in Google Drive.

How to Set Up a Class on Code Studio



We are moving on to Unit 3. How can my students see it in Studio?
We plan to finish Unit 2 later, per forum suggestions.


Congrats on finishing unit 2! If you head to the teacher dashboard and find your csp section listed (, you should be able to click ‘edit’ and then select ‘cspunit3’ from the section dropdown. That will make unit 3 show up for students automatically when they go to Code Studio.

Hope that helps!


Excellent! Thanks so much!


I have a question about setting up the sections. It looks like I would need to set up a section for each unit. Is that correct? It would seem to me that it would be easier to add units to the sections once a unit is complete, or am I missing something? Thank you so much. I’m really excited about using’s program.


Hi Batavia,

You will just need to set up a one section for your class, and then in the course dropdown selector, you’ll pick the first unit. Then, when your class is ready to move on to the next unit, just click Edit on the section and change the course dropdown selector to the next unit. For each unit that students do work in, it will always show up on their student dashboard at (so they can see previous work).

Hope that helps – let me know if you have any other questions.



Hi Sarah, I just completed the APSI course for CSP and want to use for my class. Thanks for all the great tools you have provided. I have successfully set up my sections and added my students. I included a test student so I can see what the kids see. It appears that even though I selected Unit 1 in the drop down, students are able to go to later units when they log in? Is this how the interface is supposed to work? Thanks…Norm Dion


Hi Norm,

You are correct students are able to go to any of the units in the curriculum if they just type in the correct link to that unit. Picking the course from the dropdown list just puts a tile for them on We have heard from many teachers they want to be able to lockdown units and we working on figuring out how that would work.