Pilot Year Students


I have about 20 kids who took the course last year during the pilot. They are currently enrolled in section this year. I can’t get the new curriculum tile (for Unit 1) to show up in their dashboard, even though, I can see them in my “roster”

I’ve done the following;

  1. Deleted last years course.
  2. Made sure to have them enrolled in the “new” course.
  3. Given them the link to the new unit (https://studio.code.org/s/csp1).

They can access it via the link, but then it doesn’t show up on their code studio as a tile. The old ones do.


@kmi8961 Did your students finish at least one of the stages in that lesson and clicked the continue button?

Make sure they do that or the Unit will not show up I their dashboard. If they did and they do not see Unit 1 in then I’ll refer it to code support.


Thank you. I forgot about that little bit of info. I’ll have them check into it tomorrow.