Computing lead setting up a whole school

I’m computing lead in a three form school (about 700 children).
I want to get all classes set up on [] because my own class love it.
Is it possible to set them up under one email address which holds all the sections?
So have them all under my account, then print the log on for children to get to their section?
I want children to have the same account follow them through school so their progress is kept through the years.
Is anyone else doing this?

The progress should move with the student account, even if they are set up under different teachers. If they have completed specific activities and then change teachers, the activities they have completed will still be marked as completed and their projects will still be there.

You could set them up under one account, but you wouldn’t necessarily need to.

The one hiccup could be that each year releases updates to some of the courses (such as CS Discoveries or CS Principles). They are usually released as a new version of the course, so if a student completes the 2020-21 version of the course and then in a following year is put with a teacher who uses an updated version of the course, it will appear as if they haven’t done it.

Hopefully this makes sense, but as long as the student uses the same login, all the work they do should follow them.