Setting Up Multiple sections

I teach 5 - 8 and have multiple sections (10 classes) running at a time. I could set up a class for each section OR should I just set up one Code Section for each grade and enroll the (3 classes) 75 kids in it?

Anyone run into a problem if they lump multiple classes into one section? I could still track progress by viewing the names within the section?


I am in the same situation so I would appreciate some feedback on this as well.

I was able to use the “google Classroom” input. It was easy to set up classes. I have plans to “archive” the class after the semester is over. I am assuming that their progress travels with their gmail account so next year I they can pick off where they left off. What did you choose to do?

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Lisa Gogolinski, 23 Ağu 2018 Per, 11:03 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

You can also have kids move their previous year’s account to a new section by using the following steps:

Moving accounts to a new year’s section:

  1. have each student log in to last year’s class and individual student account using the picture password

  2. highlight the last 2 sections of the internet address (through the s/, but not .org/)

  3. type join/abcdef (new section’s code) in place of the highlighted address

  4. hit enter

  5. look for confirmation line that pops up saying your account was moved to the proper new section. The new section’s name will be in the sentence.

  6. pick up where you left off with the students last year.

I tried using this method to move my students to my class from the class they had last year. They kept getting a 404 error. Any ideas from anyone?? I just don’t want them to lose what they had last year.

I haven’t tried this, this year as today is our first day of school…