Move a student to a new class

I am importing students from Google Classroom a the HS level. We started with the K-2 level. I have a few IEP students that are falling behind. I would like to create a new class and move them into it so they can continue with these concepts. How is that possible?

I don’t use Google Classroom, but I did find the following information on the support page. Does this answer your question? If not, respond back and we can find someone who uses Google Classroom who may have more experience than I do.

The information comes from the bottom of the page here:

How can I move students in sections synced with Google Classroom or Clever?

You’ll need to first move your students to the new section(s) within the Google Classroom side, and then you can re-sync your sections on the side to see the moves reflected there. The ‘sync’ button should be available in the Manage Students tab for any section that connects to Google Classroom or Clever, which will update any changes to the roster.

Good luck!