Moving students between sections


If a student starts out in section 1 and then switches classes to section 2 during the year is there a way to transfer all their progress to date


Hi @bbinkley

You should be easily able to move students between sections. If students sign into their accounts using email its really easy.

  1. Go to your teacher dashboard
  2. Click on Student Accounts and Progress
  3. Find the section you want to move the student to in the list and click manage students
  4. Scroll all the way to the bottom and find the URL for that section.
  5. Have the student sign into Code Studio and then type in that URL - They should appear in your class once you refresh!
  6. You can then go to the section you want to remove the student from and find their name to remove them.

Hope that helps!



I noticed this incredible feature the other day. Since I will be teaching 3 sections next fall, I suspect I will be using this great feature a few times.