How do I move students from one teacher's section to my section?


We had two teachers teaching CSD and now we have one. I have the teacher’s section codes for the 7th graders who are now 8th graders. We did not finish all of Unit 3 and I need those students moved to my class without them losing any work they have already done. According to the directions I printed, I joined the other teacher’s section, but I cannot access the students in that section to move them to my section. Can someone please give me the directions to do this. I can only move students who were in my sections that I created.



In order to move students, you need to be logged in as the teacher. Joining the section essentially made you a student in another teacher’s section. You should be able to give students the new code to join your section without losing their progress. With curriculum versioning, their progress would be in the 17-18 version and not visible in the 18-19 version.

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