Transferring Student Work to a Different School

Is there a way to transfer a student’s progress from one school to another. I had a student transfer to a different school in-district and she’s continuing with CSD but her teacher isn’t sure if it’s possible for her progress to be moved to his class. Is this something we can do?

I was able to figure it out with some searching around.

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Great! Can you share the URL where you found the information in case people have the same question and coming looking on the forum? Thanks!


Sure! I don’t have a specific URL, but here was the process. When you click on one of your sections and it brings up the Progress tab, click on the Manage Students tab. At the top of the list is a Move Students button. Once you click on that, you can select a student and then choose where you want to move them from the drop-down menu. If it is another of your classes, that’s pretty straightforward. If you choose “Other Class” you will be prompted to put in the class code for that teacher (so you’ll need to make sure you have that) and then decide if you want to keep that student’s information in your class or not. That’s it! Pretty easy.