List of Supplies Needed?


Short of clicking on every lesson, is their a document that lists the “extra” supplies that are needed throughout the semester? For example, Unit 1, Lesson 1, under Preparation says Post-It’s, or Paper and tape and poster board are needed. (

I’m beginning to work on supply requests for next year and didn’t know if there was anything out of the ordinary that might be needed.

Thanks in advance!


We’re finalizing a supply list but don’t have it ready yet. Short version: there are a handful of singleton activities that need some specialized supplies, but I should stress they are all optional.

  1. a few decks of playing cards
  2. a few handfuls of legos
  3. A box of junk for Lesson 2 “Sending Binary Messages Lesson” ( - it can be done with just cups and string if you want.

Everything else can be printed and cut out. Some teachers like to laminate some of the handouts and other paper-based manipulative for future use. You should budget a fair amount for printing.

That’s all that comes to mind. Hope this helps,

CSP Team