20 - 21 curriculum materials list

I was wondering if anyone knows of a complete materials list for the 2020 - 21 curriculum. By materials I am referring to such things as straws, flashlights, playing cards, etc. It would be nice to have a consolidated list so I can simply get it all at once and make sure it is in my cabinet when I need it. I know that unit 1 lesson 2 will require various items but what about the rest of the curriculum?

@wcoblentz You will find the answer to your question here. https://code.org/educate/csp-course-updates
Scroll down to the bottom to the Frequently Asked Questions and you will see your question there. The materials list is broken down by units and there are some optional materials.

Thank you. This will save me a bit of frustration later as it will eliminate being blindsided the day I need these things.