Items no longer covered list?


I did forum research prior to asking this :slight_smile:

Is there a succinct list of items/topics that were dropped from the revised 2020-2021 curriculum. I would like to cover some of the dropped content as enrichment material.

Before I compare unit to unit from last year to this, I wasn’t sure if there was a quick “What was dropped/Added” that already existed. Thank you!

I haven’t noticed a lot that’s been dropped just more tightening up some parts to add more for the create PT.

Good question! Are you asking specifically about the curriculum or the AP CSP curriculum in general? If the latter, you might try asking this on the CSP Facebook forum, which seems to be more active than this group.

Hi @mcmastersha,

I think what you might be looking for is this Curriculum Updates resource. There is a google doc which includes some of the changes in written format. Additionally, here are links to recorded webinars (also found on that page) with some more specific details: