Lists uistring error and outputting to screen text area

What I expect to happen: The “setText” function effectively displays my “filteredGames” list onto a text area.

What actually happens: My “filteredGames” list is displayed, but an error occurs “(items in list) is not a uistring”.

What I have tried: Converting code into block to see potential formatting errors. There are no red boxes or yellow arrows aside from the line of code that displays my filtered list, and even when that line is deleted, I still cannot convert my code into block code. I have tried using “setProperty” function with “text” parameter, but that seems to not work either.

So…how do you get the filtered list to output on the screen object, a text area? it works if output to the console, but not the screen.
Thank you

In line 44 of your code, you are setting the text in the textarea to the list. You need to concatenate the contents of the list into a string and then set the text of the textarea to that string. Something like this:

function updateScreen() {
   var text = "";
   for (var i = 0; i < filteredGames.length; i++){
     text += filteredGames[i];