Loss of data when importing

Any level will work, but here’s the spreadsheet: Untitled spreadsheet - Google Sheets

I want the data in the “Tweet ID” column to not be simplified.

Code .org tries to turn the data into a number and does some simplification in the process. How can I avoid this?

I’ve tried everything, been working on this with the people on r/excel for a whiles, but I need code .org exclusive help.

Could you be more specific? Give examples. If you want to do something special with the table, write to support@code.org.

Import the data, and then check and compare the tweet ID row to the identical one in the google sheet. It’s being simplified.

From what I am seeing App Lab thinks that is a number. So it gets rounded. It looks like there is no way to tell it to treat that number like a string except to add a letter in front of it. So for example change 1585841080431321088 to T1585841080431321088. Then it will import as a string and remain a string.

To do that you would want to use an editor that can be programmed or use the file I already changed.
Tweets - Tweets.csv (4.5 MB)

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You are the sweetest.