Unit 7 lesson 22- uploading a csv to app lab

My kids are trying to upload csv files into the app lab and most of them are working fine, but some of them get an error message that says "you need to upload a file with at least two rows ". Their files have around 20-30 form responses and other students have fewer responses, so I am pretty sure it is not about the number of responses. I walked each of them through saving the google sheet to a csv, so I know that was done correctly. Any ideas? I even tried uploading it through my code.org login and I got the same response, so I am confident it is something within the google form. We could not access the provided google template that is included in Unit 7.

Hi @tammik,

Sorry that is happening. I just exported a 20 row Google Forms dataset and it imported to App Lab without issue. Is there a way for you to attach one of the csv files causing that error to this thread? We might have a better idea of what is causing the problem after taking a look at the csv file itself.


soggy waffle - Form Responses 1.csv (1.2 KB)
Post decider (Responses final 2) - Form Responses 1.csv (2.4 KB)

I was able to recreate the “you need to upload a file with at least two rows” error when I uploaded the csv files at Unit 7 lesson 16 bubble 1. I then deleted the 2 blank columns in each csv (I believe they columns were 1) email and 2) score in each). After I did this, they imported without error.

I hope that helps but let us know if you are still having issues.


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My students were not able to delete those two rows. We tried to hide them, but that didn’t help. What did you do to delete them?

The csv files can be opened and edited and saved as a csv in any spreadsheet editor. I deleted the empty columns in Excel but you could also do it in the Google Sheets. The email column can be automatically put there when you use Google Forms. I’m not sure why they both had an empty score column. I have attached the fixed csv files.

soggy waffle - Form Responses 1.csv (1.0 KB)
Post decider (Responses final 2) - Form Responses 1.csv (2.2 KB)

Hey @tammik - I’m glad @melynn was able to help with this issue!

Would you mind also emailing support@code.org with the issues you described? Sounds like there are at least 2 bugs we should fix behind the scenes - the error message being incorrect and the inaccessible Google Template - and having that conversation through our support email will help make that go faster.

Thanks! -Dan

here is the workaround: direct students to log into drive.google.com
open the form
unlink the spreadsheet from the form script
create a new spreadsheet - transfer the survey data here
download as a .csv, upload to AI lab, train model, etc.