General Discussion for Stage 6


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I have a student who is having an issue on Lesson 6, Puzzle 2.

There was no table called “mytable” in the data tab (so she created one), but now it is not importing anything from the .csv file, although it appears that she completed the import (it asks her if she wants to overwrite the old .csv each time).

Apparently it works again in Puzzle 3, just not in Puzzle 2.

Any ideas?



My students had a similar problem. I had them click on the link provided for the csv file. This opened the file using Google Spreadsheet. I had them download the file as a csv file (don’t change the name of the file) and then imported it into AppLab. Hopefully this will work with your student too!


Hi - sorry you’re running into issues with this. I tried it out and was able to import the CSV file. If you’re still running into problems with this, can you click the “Report Bug” link on the top right of the puzzle page and report the issue from there? That way, we can get more specific information from you (such as about the student account info and such) and have engineers take a look. Thanks!