General Discussion for Stage 3

Use this thread to discuss your questions and comments about the content of the stage.

Polishing comments:

Puzzle 3 words say “NOTE: The speed on App Lab has been set to its slowest setting”, but the speed was still at a fast rate. Easy enough to change, of course. (P.S. what a cool exercise! I didn’t realize that it wasn’t waiting for the db to load before moving on the next programming statement)

Puzzle 4 should be slow speed too…or should mention it. Otherwise students will not pick up on the nuance.

Puzzle 7 sample output should just show the title of the 3rd movie rather than the entire record.

Puzzle 8 in first sentence: “…just like any other array to perform the an action for every object in the array.” Delete “the” or “an” before “action”.

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Noted: I will pass this on. You can also send an email to support. Using the “Report Bug” link above your name in Code Studio.

I missed that “report bug” link. Will use that in the future. You guys think of everything!

I’m having some reading comprehension problems here–I totally can’t figure out how to open the data viewer on bubble 5:

Help please!

Hi @biermanl,

Is this the thing you’re looking for?

  1. Click on “Data” button above the mock phone screen
  2. (My screen couldn’t fit everything and there was no scroll bar so I had to do the following step…) Grab the “handle” at the bottom of the Instructions pane and drag up to reveal the actual data tables.


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Thank you! I assumed that no scroll meant that was the end of that screen…and I think the videos are from a previous version. At least I can model growth mindset for my students :slight_smile:

That’s the spirit, lead learner all the way. :grinning: I was stumped for a while too actually.