Making sense of the new Create Task

I went around over the last couple of days trying to compile all the changes to the new create task. I curious on some feedback and to see if anyone else had any resources for the new guide lines. There are A LOT of tabs on the bottom of the sheet, don’t forget to check them out.

My quick summary (not 100%): No real major changes to the requirements of the app. For the digital portfolio they still copy/pasting a function and a list. Most of the changes are moving the written response to the day of the exam. Question #1 will deal with the purpose of the app. Question #2 deal with the loop. Question #3 will deal with a run time error in your loop. Question #4 deals with (isEqual) and will be related to the list.

Any feedback/help is appreciated!


Thank you for compiling (and sharing) this!

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This is extremely useful, thank you!

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