Mark an assignment as graded?

Is it possible to somehow mark that I graded an assignment? I have 53 students in APCSP and it is so time consuming going through all of their assignments over and over to see if they are done, correct, incorrect, etc. It happens on the assignments were there students can either continue working or move on. I had many students never even attempt the lesson and it marked it complete. I had no way to mark it graded or incomplete. Even if I had the ability to click on the green bubble and change the color. This would also help the student, since once it is green you can’t go back.


@jcaulford thanks for letting us know about that issue. It’s certainly not the first time we’ve heard it and it’s on the backlog for our engineering team to implement. I know we’ve been cooking up some improvements to the teacher dashboard in general which you’ll have later this year. No promises that this specific feature will be included but we both appreciate the feedback and encourage you to write in if you have more requests.

I second this feature. It would help save a ton of time while grading, especially when it comes to students turning in late work I need to check.

It would be great to actually be able to provide feedback to students, whether on their code or answers to the short-answer questions. I know a lot of people say they put the questions in Google Classroom, but I try to minimize platform switches as much as possible, and so many of the other features of Code Studio are so useful! Thank you!


I also had students work on an assignment after I graded and now wants full credit. Locking the assignments would be a great help.

I like the idea of locking assignments and I like how we can open lessons one at a time. I wish we could open bubbles one at a time so I didn’t have students working ahead of instruction (we have a nearpod account that I use in conjunction with the lessons here).

My school uses ebackpack. I put any questions I want them to answer in a quiz. They also answer yes/no completion questions. This way I can give feedback and deduct points if necessary. Students also see a final score for each lesson.