Mock/Practice Exams

Hi everyone. I was under the impression from lessons that we could use the students ACTUAL PPR for the mock exam, but then I was also told that I could not. Could someone clarify for me whether or not my students are able to use their PPR from the Create Performance Task?


I don’t believe you can use their actual PPR (the one they’ve submitted to the Digital Portfolio) for the mock exam - since I would assume you would be giving them feedback on their written responses. This would violate their policy of providing feedback before the exam day (see 2nd image below).

However, I wonder if you could give them the prompts as practice WITHOUT providing feedback before the actual exam if they were to use their actual PPR???

What I’m going to do is have the students use their Practice Create PT PPR to respond to the 2023 Written Response Practice Exams 1, 2, and 3 (See image below) that way I CAN give them feedback since it’s their practice one. In the end, they’ll be exposed to 4 sets of Written Response Questions/Prompts (the original one that the CB posted in their video and the newest set of 3 Mock WR prompts in AP Classroom)

It says until all 3 components are submitted as final, so as long as they have submitted as final, any and all feedback is allowed, that’s at least how I understand it.

After the code segments are submitted, you might give feedback on the code but I would probably stay away from giving any feedback on the written response. This feels to me like coaching the students for how they should write the exact response, rather than practicing the skill of responding.

Personally, I also worry a little about giving feedback about the create PT components, because it is possible that the grader would disagree with me. I wouldn’t want to be in a position in July where my feedback was wildly different from collegeboard’s. I can imagine a teacher telling a student they had a great practice response, and then if that student didn’t do well on the exam they would blame it on the teacher. I’d probably stick to the ones provided on the CB website.

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If the student does not include an image of an algorithm that contains a loop in their PPR for question 2(a): Algorithm Development could they still earn the point?

Wouldn’t they need to include the iteration somewhere in their student-developed procedure of their PPR?

I believe that all three (sequencing, selection, and iteration) are required to be in one algorithm.

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Thank you for your reply. I guess the slightly confusing parts here are the Decision rules for Row 2 which indicate that the rater "Consider the PPR (or Program Code if necessary) > where the

  • “Procedure doesn’t have to have a parameter to near this point”,

  • “The code segments demonstrating selection and iteration do not need to appear or do not need to be contained in the same algorithm or procedure to earn this point.”

… So technically they could have all the requirements in their Program Code but then if they didn’t capture an algorithm/procedure that has all sequencing, selection, and iteration for the Written Responses they would lose out on the points for Row 4 (Algorithm Development - Iteration) and Row 5 (Errors & Testing).

Nearly half of my students seemed to miss this part i.e. they didn’t paste a procedure that had iteration in their PPR so as you said, they wouldn’t earn the points :frowning:
Thankfully, this was good practice and a learning moment so that they don’t make the same mistake with the program that they submit to the CB.

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