Preparing Students for the Create PT WR Questions 2024?

I know it’s early, but I’m wondering how to best prep students for the Create PT. In prior years, I’ve given them the written response questions to do at the end of each unit project. However, now that we aren’t using those questions anymore, I want to ask them some different ones that might be similar to what they will see in on Exam Day.

They only provide a few examples on the student handouts/videos, and they don’t have an updated rubric or sample responses on the exam page (they have the old PT). The Unit 9 materials still show the old model.

What questions can we ask? Would anyone be interested in creating a question bank for questions made up by teachers that we could give students to practice with?


Here is a document that shows all the places that has added new written response questions to go with the College Board changes. They are still working on updating their Unit 9 to incorporate the changes. Hope this helps.