Move It Move It .. appropriate for all grades?

Do you think the Move It! Move It! Unplugged Lesson is appropriate for all K-8 grades or too immature for the older ones?

Now that we have completed the hour of code, I want a simple intro to coding game that emphasizes the need for a common language. This is a great game for the younger ones but then I thought it also sounds fun for the older grades and a “get your energy out” type game for them because they are itching to leave for the Christmas break.

As it’s written, it’s a bit immature. Fortunately, it’s easy to modify!

Try having older students choose several objects to step to, then secretly selecting one of those objects to be the finish line. Then, let groups work together to come up with signals for stepping in different directions.

As a further challenge, have the older students give the entire program before the “robot” can start walking. All of these challenges make this exercise even more pertinent to computer science.