Movies for high school students related to coding

With spring break next week and this a very short week I was looking for a movie to show my high school students. We have completed Units 1, 2, 3 and have begun Unit 4. Any suggestions?

The Hello World documentary.

I’ve bookmarked these. Haven’t actually watched them with students. And I’m at middle school so not sure if they’d work for HS.

Own the Room

Innovation Nation tech & gadgets

Dream Big Engineering Our World

LIKE: Teens, Social Media, and Technology (full film 53 min) | FRONTLINE


High Score

I’ve been watching High Score with my Video Game Design Course (we have mostly used CSD Unit 3). After we finished the 2nd episode I let them play on my NES retro plug and play as several games were featured in the episode.

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Wow! So many awesome ideas!!