General CS Discoveries--General pitch

Computers are such an integrated part of our everyday lives. Yet HOW many know how to be not just users of technology, as compared to being the movers and shakers of our world today and tomorrow? Every day I see our students on campus with heads down on their phones as consumers of technology. Wouldn’t it be great if we could encourage and empower them to be creative thinkers, designers, and creators of technology? That’s the power of the Computer Science Discoveries class. Through it, we can awaken these young minds to the possibilities–not only towards viable and profitable careers but giving them the power and tools to be society changers on their campuses and communities. In CS Discoveries, students get inside web design code by doing it! Kids have the opportunity to create interactive animations and games, and they also learn principles of problem-solving through learning a design process that CAN be applied to tech, but also to other real-life problems big or small. So, all students can benefit from taking CS Discoveries whether or not they ultimately end up in a technology career. When you invest time or money in CS Discoveries you become a partner in creating a better future for our students today and our world tomorrow.