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Now that the tasks are 60 minutes behind us, I am wondering how you all are planning on preparing students for the multiple choice section of the AP test? I am planning on using and’s assessments but I want to do some more game-ifed review of the content. My go to is “trashketball” but I am also looking for other ideas!

Happy Testing Season!

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I am here searching for some help on the same thing, Katie! What is “trasketball”???

Content wise: videos assessments
Samples MC questions in CSP course description and and sample questions
Secured materials on college board audit website:
2016 Practice Test
2018 Practice Test

My favorite game-ify approach is (should not be used with Secured Practice Tests)

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@awright it is a game I play in my math classroom a lot. You put a problem up on the board, students in groups do them on individual whiteboards. After a set amount of time you have them hold up their answers. Every team who gets it right, gets a point AND the chance to make a “trashket” which is really just an empty garbage bin on a chair in my room with a ball (there is a 1-pt and a 2-pt line). If the team makes a basket, they get the other 1 or 2 points. Then you move on to the next question.

Students get really into it. It works like a charm for math, and works fine for other topics too - I think a clicker type of game could work too fro CSP.

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If you are just looking to study some terms and definitions (sort of as a refresher), somebody made a Quizlet with a ton of terms in it. I like to play Quizlet Live with my classes at least once! The kids love it! Here is a link to the study set:


Thanks for the lead on the Quizlet! I will give that a shot.

I also made a Jeopardy game for students. It is a little heavier on the programming/algorithms side of things but since that has the biggest % of questions, I decided to focus a bit more on that.