Multiple Choice Practice?

Hello there,
Anyone have any good ideas/resources to share or recommend to get students ready for the MC portion of the AP?
(Other than the questions in the purple book and the 1 released exam).
Kate just released a practice test.

This is the review website floating around the AP CSP boards on College Board.

Is there a specific link for the practice exam? And the 1 released exam?

Thank you!

You have to go to and register. Once you have registered you should see a link to a practice exam.


Thanks for the tips everyone. If you’re willing to spend $39, Abstracting CS has what looks like a good bundle.

For the team, is there a way we can re-open all the quizzes for some time period to allow our students to review the questions if they’d like?


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Thanks for the tip about I’m logged in but I don’t find anything related to APCSP. Anybody know how to navigate to the right place there?



It took a few clicks… I went to the curriculum page, the I scrolled to select the course, once on the CSP, I scrolled until I I found a button for the Start AP CSP Review


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I had my students do a section of the “quizzes” and then show me their score when they were done in class. I let them work with partners and then they could get points back if they explained what they did wrong on the ones they missed. It actually worked out really well.

I am focusing on the programming questions since those are the largest section of the test and I want students to get comfortable with the syntax.