Review Book Suggestions & MC Exam Preparation

Does anyone have suggestions for a review book for students to use in preparation for the CSP multiple choice exam? I have seen a few options, but not all of them appear to be updated for the new course and exam description. Aside from using the practice questions on AP Classroom and reviewing the unit tests in Code Studio, does anyone have additional suggestions for helping students prepare for the MC exam?

Hi @annie.sebey ,

As far as I know, you pretty much got the main resources out there.

I don’t have access to the College Board materials - did they make available a practice exam? Even if they did, I think they put those questions on AP Classroom.

I think this lack of resources is unfortunately generally the case when it’s the first year a particular exam becomes available. The only reliable source for AP-like questions are College Board’s official materials - other sources like test prep books usually have poorly written questions and/or content that doesn’t align well… and/or are modeled off the existing released/practice questions.

Oh, there’s like 20 or so practice questions at the end of the Course and Exam Description, if you haven’t checked those out already. Not much, but it’s something.