Review Materials for Students who took CSP during the Pilot Year

Hello Everyone!

I have 14 students who took CSP last year during the pilot year and they are planning on taking the AP exam this year. I know that they have to revise their Explore PT to make sure that the articles are up to date and they should review it against the description. I also am going to have them revisit and make any necessary revisions on their Create PT. But has anyone developed any materials to help review the material so that they are prepared for the Multiple Choice questions?

@colleen_m_adams while not free, the only two resources I have found are which has a ton of questions - although they aren’t all that great and the book Fast Track to a 5 in AP CSP - I have found a few typos in that book as well. SO, maybe one of those would be helpful???

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Thanks for the information, every little bit will help at this point!