AP-Exam Review from code.org

Is code.org planning on including an AP-EXAM REVIEW UNIT? That would be really very very helpful.

At the moment, there is not any plan to change/update the curriculum to add a review unit. If you were looking to build out such a unit, the best place to start is probably AP Classroom, using the question banks and videos provided. Perhaps others on this forum have resources that would help as well?

I have always used a combination of the every-growing question set that AP Classroom provides… and then my district is willing to purchase each student an AP Prep book. I always get the updated copy of Barron’s AP CSP review. I think is have about 6 tests in it. I always struggle with review as well, because of the limited supply of prep questions. CodeHS also has a review course, and so does Khan Academy.

Barron’s Text ($15 a copy with 6 full practice tests)

CodeHS Review (Free version has limited resources, but still have access to questions)

Khan Academy (Great for Passage-Based Review)

Thank you. That helps