Multiple Choice Questions for "FIRST SEMESTER" FINAL Exam


I would love a copy as well. Thanks


I would like a copy also.
Thanks so much


If you are still sharing I would love a copy as well. I am new to CSP and appreciate any help.
Thank you,


I would appreciate a copy as well! Thanks!


Better late than never? Could I get a copy too??
Many thanks!!!



Has anyone received a copy? If you have, please email to , Thank you!!!


I’d love a copy too!


I would love a copy as well


I would love to have a copy of your midterm and/or final exam for Units 1 to 4 - thank you!!


Please share! I’m new also and any time saver is great!
I appreciate it!


I, also, would be interested in receiving a copy, please! (that’s an “L”)

Thank you!


We’re all so busy…a copy would be much appreciated.


Hi all i am new to this and i am looking for a sample Computational artifact and written responses.
i wan to give my students an early start of thinking and setting up storyboards for these projects.
Thanks you all.


Here are two examples from my class. I would also HIGHLY recommend checking out the college board website for their released examples.

Example #1

[Example #2]

Note, I don’t think that these would score a perfect on the AP exam, but it might give you some extra examples to talk about with your class.


I would love a copy to send it to me please use


Hi Ms. Bryan,
Thank you for your help and I would follow up and check the college board website.
once again Thanks


I would love to have a copy! Can you please send it to


I would love a copy as well. Send to


I would love a copy as well! If anyone has received one please forward a copy to the email address posted.


Awesome that you are giving us the benefit of time. I too would like a copy if you have the time to send. Thanks in advance!