Mid Year exam for CS-P

Can anyone share a mid-year exam for code.org CSP? Half-way through Unit 5 my students have not yet been introduced to booleans or lists, and really even variables except the supplemental lessons and worksheets I did. I’ve had to excise basically all the programming from my existing mid-year exams (from years I used Snap/BJC and self-styled Python) and am having difficulty identifying a significant amount of material they know. It’s even difficult to take material from codeHS as the javascript as everyone’s small subset of ‘event’ programming controls is different. We’ve also done Unit 1 Internet, so I’m putting that stuff in the MYE too.

They just wrote their Explore Project so their MYE will be written, not a project. Thank you thank you thank you for any help.

Hi @skenner,

It sounds like you’re looking for specific characteristics in a practice exam for it to be counted as a “mid year”… specifically you’re looking for a CSP exam without any programming?

I did a quick forum search and you might find another teacher’s exams in this post and in this post.


Thank you Frank. I did end up making a MYE by Frankensteining material from myriad sources (#teacherlife). The FR you pointed out could be useful, and I just messaged ColleenW who has, in fact, previously helped me out as it so happens. (It’s neither here nor there, but the google form at the first link (MC) is in fact an empty form.)
My OP may not have been clear. In creating the MYE for this year’s class I found I could not use many of the programming concepts on my existing MYEs (lists, booleans, HOF, even variables) as my students haven’t covered them in U3 or U5 (up to L3). For me this is too slow a baud rate for this Jr/Sr class. Live and learn - first time using code-org CSP. I wish I could find a curriculum that didn’t require all the extra teacher-produced scaffolding that BJC requires, but at the same time was just a bit more challenging than code-org seems to be. #goldilocksproblem

@skenner, I get that feeling - I’d love to speed up a bit in some programming areas too. Maybe this is a good place to focus on the other portions of the AP - Structures of the Internet, Metadata of a Packet, Pros/cons of different formats of data storage. In the past, I’ve had my students do a project instead of a test in which they have to write a formal RFC for one of the protocols they created for the Internet Simulator. It takes a little time away from the curriculum to get them reading RFCs and discussing how to write a technical document, but if you’re feeling like you need to amp things up that could be a way of going deeper in to the concepts they know rather than moving faster through the EK’s from the framework. Happy to share if that’s of interest.

Having them create an RFC would be a nice way to hold them more accountable for the fun Vint Cerf/IETF lessons. If you can share your assignment doc/rubric/etc that would be great. A couple years ago I did a RAFT on the Internet as their Internet Unit exam. Always love to have tons of options in my toolkit :smiley:
Thank you for your note.

Here’s a link to all items in the project. There’s a main document, some “survival guide” style documents, example RFCs that students had written in previous years and we graded, and an actual RFC for TCP that we annotated together (Or a portion of it). I should note before you get too confused, that I’m on a competency based grading system so all assignments are graded on what we call Cognitive Skills. You’ll see those referenced throughout the assignment and in the rubric.