New principles curriculum in python?

Is putting out a new curriculum for Principles in python?

Will Principles offer a Python version in 2021-2022?

Hi @teresa.a.gaspar,

For the near future, we have no plans to have CSP in Python. We will continue to monitor discussions about programming languages for AP exams as we plan for the future.

Best, Andrea

Andrea, sorry for jumping on this thread. I’ll be teaching Computer Science for the first time next year, but need some advice as to which course will be more applicable to my students. Can I private message you somewhere or email perhaps?

Carnegie Mellon offers a free replacement for’s coding units in Python instead. Granted it won’t be in the same module, but yes it’s doable and I hear it’s great!

Sololearn also offers free lessons on Python. You won’t be able to save your progress on, but your students will be able to make their own Python projects for free and share them with their friends, just like

There are some things in Javascript that students find confusing. Python could be a better first language to learn.

However, code dot org has spent many years of effort perfecting the current offering. Teachers all across the USA and around the world have spent many years of effort preparing to teach the current offering. That investment is incalculable in size.