Multiple Choice Questions for "FIRST SEMESTER" FINAL Exam

I have heard there is an existing mid-year final exam available for teachers to be able to administer as a mid-year final exam. I heard there was around 100 questions in this exam which someone compiled.

I heard it was on Code Studio but I cannot find it anywhere.

Can someone please help steer me in the right direction?

I would really appreciate it.

As you can imagine, creating a mid year exam covering units 1-3 or 1-4 and perhaps a “practice version” would be very time consuming. I’m looking to save a lot of time.

I have found the site ALBERT.IO has lots of questions but there is a $27 fee to access their AP style questions.



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Have you found anything because I’m in the same boat!!


No. I have yet to hear anything. Fingers crossed!

I’m trying to create my own now have been working for hours and have 6 questions!!! AHHH I’m using the practice test and questions from their online test but wow it is very time consuming!!

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@jkeays, @nitzaharpe

There is no official midterm exam. I believe someone created and posted a midterm from a combination of end of chapter assessments and the released practice exam from the College Board. The post was removed from the forum. The full CB practice exam is a secure document only available to teachers who have completed the audit. This forum is open to all who are interested and therefore it would not be appropriate to share questions from the practice test, in part or the whole thing. In fact, anything shared on this forum is available, without logging in, through a simple Google search . Therefore, it is advised that teachers share assessment materials privately by clicking on their avatar. This is one of the trade offs for making the curriculum and support accessible for as many people as possible.


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I’m happy to share the midterm I’m in the process of writing for units 1-4 of the curriculum. Shall I post it here or ask people to email me if they want it?


The forum is open to all and therefore it would be best not to post your midterm here. You can share assessment materials privately by clicking on people’s avatar. People could message you if they want it.



I created my own final exam.

I would love a copy of what you have if you don’t mind sharing.


I would love a copy, if you don’t mind sharing


@cwerner- I would love a copy, if you don’t mind sharing


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Colleen, if you still wouldn’t mind sharing your midterm, I would love to take a look at it. Thanks so much!

Any change I could get a copy?

I would also love a copy of your final exam.

I would love a copy of your midterm exam.

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@cwerner I would appreciate a copy of your midterm as well!


Could you please email a copy to me!

Please share whatever you have. I am brand-new to teaching AP and I appreciate all the help I can get. I would be glad to help test and review the questions and provide feedback.
Thank you very much.
Robert Prentice

I would appreciate a copy of your midterm and any other tests as well! Thanks so much!!!