Multiplication tables program/ looking for equivalent to old school "goto" command

I am trying to make a simple multiplication tables program. I can get it to come up with one problem. After the student does the first problem, I want it to then go to the beginning and do another problem. Sort of like an old school “goto line 10” type deal and start over. Since I have a function, it won’t let me do a loop. This should be simple but I just cannot think of it. Here is a link to the program I have made up. Any help is greatly appreciated.

You could just copy the code from lines 9-15 and paste it after the playSound() block on line 19, with it still being in the same if block.

onEvent("submit", "click", function( ) {
  theiranswer = getNumber("theiranswerbox");
  if (theiranswer==correctanswer) {
    playSound("sound://category_tap/vibrant_happy_tap_1.mp3", false);
    problemnumber = problemnumber + 1;
    firstnumber = randomNumber(1, 10);
    secondnumber = randomNumber(1, 10);
    correctanswer = firstnumber * secondnumber;
    setText("label1", firstnumber);
    setText("label2", secondnumber);
    setText("problemnumberlabel", problemnumber);
  } else {
    playSound("sound://category_female_voiceover/you_lose_female.mp3", false);

Thank you. I would have never though of that!