Need help with Computer Science Discoveries Unit 5 Lesson 13: Automating data decisions

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I need some assistance with Lesson 13: Automating Data Decisions.

I have read through the lesson plan and can’t figure out exactly what the process is.

In the section where the students assign points to different types of vacations. Do they just come up with random points for each topic or do they follow the cross tab chart from the first page? I tried to understand the example provided but it made no sense, even the students had a difficult time trying to figure out what the process is.

Some assistance with this would be greatly appreciated, I would like to get this lesson completed tomorrow.

Thank you,

I don’t know that I can explain it any better than the lesson plan, but maybe highlighting parts of the lesson with suggestions could help.
You could include the warm up, so students understand where they are headed in this lesson.

Because this is a complicated process, having the discussions suggested in the lesson plan could help to clarify the process. For example this one:
“Based on what you see in the cross-tabulation tables, why do you think that someone created the first rule of the algorithm? Can you think of a different rule?”

They don’t come up with random points, but this from the lesson helps explain:
“Discussion Goal:
Ensure that students **understand that the rule is based on the first row of the “Vacation and Food” table. There is no one “correct” rule based on the data, but someone who prefers ice cream seems very likely to prefer the beach and somewhat likely to prefer an amusement park.

You could do a few guided ones with students to help them understand what to do. From the lesson plan where it says “Do This: Have students individually decide on the rules for their algorithms. For each possible answer choice, the students should add points to at least one of the four options of the beach, amusement park, national park, or big city.”

Hope this helps.