New Kid to your class - CS Discoveries



Have a student complete and watch all videos and share with them the Teacher Exemplars for the units/lessons needs to catch up with. Match the new kid up with the group or another student that “gets it”!
I hope this help!


Yes, this is a challenge. I usually have embassadors (ie, kids that function highly in the ecosystem) help the new students. They start by showing them where they are and what they are doing. Then they do a modified paired programming to start working with new students to get them familiar with concepts. Lastly, they serve as a classroom helper for new students later in the quarter.


Mariano - I love the idea of an “Ambassador” program - I have seen it work when new students arrive at school late, but never even thought about having it in the classroom for! It totally makes sense for the students who have ventured far into the program, meanwhile, others are trying to catch up - it solves two problems at once. And WHY did you not mention this in class today or was I asleep?? LOL


I often get a “new” kids in class. I just start them at the beginning of either unit 2 or 3 depending on their interest and monitor their progress from there. I don’t see why all the students should be on the same lesson. I want them to take however much time they need to learn something well not learn something at the same rate as everyone else.


I love Embassador idea! Gonna have to try it.